Tommy Hilfiger is one of the popular brands in the world. There are different perfumes and colognes under the brand. Tommy Hilfiger perfumes are famous in America. The success story of the perfume company is well known to all people. The founder’s talent and hard work has helped to establish a name for itself in the industry. The collections of Tommy are wide, and it can be purchased according to your interiors, clothing, and lifestyle.

The signature fragrances of Tommy Hilfiger are outstanding. In the year 1995, Tommy released his perfume – The Real American Fragrance. The perfume was energetic, clean and fresh. It was moved by the American backdrop – Atlantic driftwood, Cape Cod cranberry, Midwestern spearmint, Florida grapefruit and small clues of Dutch apple pie. Guess Dutch apple pie fragrance resembles the real American flavor, and there could be nothing equivalent to that.

Tommy Girl was another milestone fragrance. It was young and fresh. It is filled with floral fruit fragrance and remains popular even today. Beyonce Knowles and Tommy Hilfiger collaborated on various kinds of fragrances. Rock and hip hop musicians are crazy on Tommy Hilfiger, and it is used by everyone including Britney Spears, David Bowie and more.

The legacy of Tommy Hilfiger is well known, and it lives still fresh in the minds of people. The high-spirited fragrances produce energetic kicks that none of the fragrance could deliver. The brand has won numerous FiFi awards. The fragrance remains as the industry’s best treasure.

Some of the popular Tommy Hilfiger fragrances include Tommy Hilfiger Bold, Freedom for Men, Tommy Boy body spray, Tommy 10 and Tommy Hilfiger Loud.

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It is a most popular in the fragrance families. It has a lot of family members within the category. It can be easily recognized in the first sniff. The fragrance is not shared by any of the other family members. It is produced from the cut flowers that are mostly used in spring blossoms, garden parties, and June weddings.

Some of the high notes present in the floral fragrances are mimosa, magnolia, lily of the valley, tuberose, gardenia, peony, jasmine, etc. Jasmine and rose are the most loved and most famous notes. It is found traditionally in almost all kinds of fragrance creation. The foundation stones of the perfume are rose and jasmine. In some true perfumes, these both are seen in high but shimmers the flavors of other families. It is hard to spot, but it will be present in its own natural and pleasant sense.

Some of the perfumes present in the floral family are Acqua Nobile Gelsomino, Sensualite, Rose Absolute and Hyde Park.

Hyde Park: It comes with Eau de perfume concentration. Oudh, musk, and benzoin are the base notes of Hyde Park. The heart notes include geranium, jasmine, and neroli. The top notes of Hyde Park are orange, bergamot and petitgrain. The scent indicates wanton abandon and long summer days. It has swelling floral accords powdered with teasing citrus top notes. The base notes of the perfume share a pleasing tranquility. When used properly you will have to do a very in-dept research on what are the best shower heads to be able to get rid of the amazing and charming scents.

Estee Lauder – Pleasures Bloom: The base notes of Pleasures Bloom are creamy vanilla, patchouli, and musk. Spicy green lily, rose, and pink peony are the heart notes of this perfume. It represents the contemporary and playful expression of the iconic and original concept. It is an exclusive fruity floral fragrance blend of colorful floral and luscious fruits.

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The fashion buzz is seen all over New York. It is second to Paris when it comes to fashion, fragrance and cosmetics. New York has the largest concentration of scrumptious perfumes in the world. You can discover perfumery boutiques (some of the experts will guide you to pick the best fragrance you love), flagship stores for top brands, and some interesting clothing stores (you can find exclusive scents sold along with the furbelows and frocks).

Atelier Cologne: It is an exclusive store to pick exciting new fragrance. Christopher Cervasei and Sylvie Ganter have used the latest fragrance technology to produce long lasting colognes from supplies that are not connected with the lighter variety of fragrance that include rose, vetiver, patchouli.

As per the three hundred years old fragrance tradition, colognes means short-lived, refreshing and light. Due to fractionation, the cologne is produced using certain elements. It gets a new life when produced by the famous manufacturers like Atelier Cologne.

The store houses soaps and candles matching to the fragrance. It is rare to see in other stockists. Only exclusive stockists will have such collections. The large size fragrance comes along with a tour flask of the same fragrance. The name will be embossed or monogram.

Le Labo: Le Labo has an industrial-chic atmosphere. The vintage apothecary bottles, scaffolding shelving, tin ceiling panels, and leather chairs that are oil beaten looks like a dedicated perfume store. The staffs will blend the ingredients near you. It almost resembles a true perfume theater. There are different kinds of fragrances available. It includes intimate formulation, enduring perfume oils and much more. The silicon based gel is very addictive. It can be smelled when you are personal and close.

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