Discover the best Perfumes in New York: Nolita, Soho, and The Village


The fashion buzz is seen all over New York. It is second to Paris when it comes to fashion, fragrance and cosmetics. New York has the largest concentration of scrumptious perfumes in the world. You can discover perfumery boutiques (some of the experts will guide you to pick the best fragrance you love), flagship stores for top brands, and some interesting clothing stores (you can find exclusive scents sold along with the furbelows and frocks).

Atelier Cologne: It is an exclusive store to pick exciting new fragrance. Christopher Cervasei and Sylvie Ganter have used the latest fragrance technology to produce long lasting colognes from supplies that are not connected with the lighter variety of fragrance that include rose, vetiver, patchouli.

As per the three hundred years old fragrance tradition, colognes means short-lived, refreshing and light. Due to fractionation, the cologne is produced using certain elements. It gets a new life when produced by the famous manufacturers like Atelier Cologne.

The store houses soaps and candles matching to the fragrance. It is rare to see in other stockists. Only exclusive stockists will have such collections. The large size fragrance comes along with a tour flask of the same fragrance. The name will be embossed or monogram.

Le Labo: Le Labo has an industrial-chic atmosphere. The vintage apothecary bottles, scaffolding shelving, tin ceiling panels, and leather chairs that are oil beaten looks like a dedicated perfume store. The staffs will blend the ingredients near you. It almost resembles a true perfume theater. There are different kinds of fragrances available. It includes intimate formulation, enduring perfume oils and much more. The silicon based gel is very addictive. It can be smelled when you are personal and close.

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