The Body Shop: One of the Best Fragrances in the World


Anita Roddick launched the Body Shop on March 26, 1976. The company changed the perception of fragrance and beauty forever. Passionate driven and dynamic, Anita established The Body Shop to generate income for her two daughters and herself. Her husband was involved in the trekking. She would have never imagined that her The Body Shop will be reached all over the world. At present, there are about two hundred and eight hundred The Body Shop outlets spread in six different countries. The best part of her products is it is 100% vegetarian. The products are not tested on animals. The White Musk fragrance from the Body Shop is cruelty-free – loved and worn by consecutive generations of women. The perfume is now taken to a status of the best perfume.

Apart from the White Musk fragrance, there are numerous fragrances where you can enjoy, explore and discover sensual distinctions on a theme. It includes White Musk Smoky Rose and White Musk Libertine Eau De Toilette. It has been revealed that the Body Shop perfumes have a mysterious and daring blend of brutality free musk featuring tobacco flower and black smoky rose. It comes in a handy eau de toilette.

It is sure you can discover the whole new world of fragrances under the brand The Body Shop. Each of the scents and fragrances is major to the bodily pleasure of every creation for body and face. It has an extensive range of perfumes and fragrances that mesmerizes you to the next level.

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